Features of e-Commerce systems development

Features of e-Commerce systems development

The rapid development of information technology in our time contributed to the emergence of the international information space-the Internet. With the development of Internet technologies, respectively, new markets appear and develop, make up the relevant segment of the world economy find their place in the markets of the economy of Ukraine. Society is moving to a qualitatively new stage of development, where information plays a primary role. Obviously, in the near future, through the uneven introduction of information systems and technologies, a completely new kind of social inequality will appear – information, and the direction of further development of States will determine the intellectual potential of the people.

It is quite natural that in such conditions the priority will be the problem of ensuring the integrity and protection of information systems used for electronic payments. Perhaps to monitor the operation of such systems will need national and international bodies that will perform regulatory and monitoring functions in the information space, without borders, like the modern Internet. The role of such bodies can be claimed by modern Central banks, however, according to M. king, ” the heirs of b.Gates will be ousted by a’s successors.Greenspan.” Therefore, to avoid extinction we need to develop a breadth of thinking, reaction speed and become first and foremost not a financial genius, and a modest “geeks”.

The emergence and development of new markets, which are generated by Internet technologies, attracts the attention of international organizations, leading financiers and bankers of the world, heads of state and businessmen in the first place as a strategic component of the economy of the future. Particularly relevant research in the field of Internet economy for Ukraine in the context of transformation and integration into the world economy, in particular in the European. In order not to become an “information poor” state and further strengthen the gap in the development and uneven accumulation of capital, it is important for Ukraine to enter the international system of electronic Commerce or e-Commerce (e-Commerce).

E-Commerce – is business processes and business operations that are carried out by MIME su 6 ‘objects with the help of information and telecommunication technologies and ensure the achievement of economic and financial objectives of the entities, as well as contribute to cost reduction.

The environment for e-Commerce can be not only the Internet, but also an expensive computer network. Subjects of e-Commerce can be individuals and legal entities, as well as government organizations. E-Commerce opens up new markets and new money -electronic money, with which payments are made.

Electronic money is broadly defined as the storage of monetary value by electronic technology, which can be massively used to make payments in favor of not only • the Issuer, but also other firms, and which requires the obov ‘mandatory use of Bank accounts for transactions and acts as a prepaid instrument.

This is how the European Central Bank defined e-money in its e-money report in August 1998. Therefore, for the introduction of electronic money into the banking system of Ukraine, in order to ensure the functioning of new markets of Internet Commerce, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate legal, regulatory and methodological framework. Today it is logical that the development of documents that will regulate the activities of all e-business participants should be based on the experience of implementing similar systems by the European Union.

Let’s define some basic concepts and models of e-Commerce. The first model of e-Commerce is aimed at attracting customers mainly from individuals and was called “consumer company” (business-to-consumer) or B2C – e-retail trade between companies and end users. The basis of e-Commerce type B2C are online companies that carry out their business mechanism entirely through the Internet. The most common online companies are online stores.

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