Definition of technology

Definition of technology

Dictionary of foreign words defines technology as a set of methods of processing materials, manufacturing products and processes that accompany these types of work. Since the result of technology is not only products but also services, the concept of technology is defined as:

Technology – a complex of scientific and engineering knowledge embodied in the methods and means of labor, sets of material factors of production, the types of their combination to create a specific product or service

The following requirements are put forward to the modern technology:

o high degree of process separation at the stage (phases);
o systemic completeness (integrity) of the process, which should include the whole set of elements that ensure the necessary completeness of human actions in achieving the goal;
o the regularity of the process and the uniqueness of its phases, allowing to apply the average values in the characterization of these phases, and hence their standardization and unification;
o technology is inextricably linked to the process-a set of actions performed over time;
o the technological process is carried out in artificial systems designed to meet certain needs.

The above properties determine the characteristics of technological processes:

o the division of the process into internal interrelated States, phases, operations that ensure optimal or close to optimal dynamics of the process, as well as determine the rational limits of the requirements for personnel who will work with this technology;
o coordination and step-by-step implementation of actions and operations aimed at achieving the desired result, and the sequence of actions is based on the logic of the functioning and development of a certain process;
o unambiguous implementation of the procedures and operations available in the technology, which is an indispensable and decisive condition for achieving results in accordance with the norms and norms defined for this purpose.
This is how the concept of technology can be interpreted in a broad sense. On the other hand, in a narrower sense, the definition of technology is formulated as follows:

Technology is a set of methods, means of selection and implementation of the control process from a set of its possible implementations

At the heart of any process is a certain technology, the components of which include:

1) purpose of the process;
2) subject to technological changes;
3) methods and methods of influence;
4) means of technological impact;
5) orderliness and organization, which are opposed to natural processes.

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