A guide to buy proxy- know the tips and types of proxy

Several people buy proxies and there are actually few good reasons to do so. It leads to access restricted websites at work, different geographical locations, avoid targeted advertising, creation of multiple accounts at one site and more. No matter what the reason is the solution is same, buy proxy. However, you need to know how […]

Features of e-Commerce systems development

The rapid development of information technology in our time contributed to the emergence of the international information space-the Internet. With the development of Internet technologies, respectively, new markets appear and develop, make up the relevant segment of the world economy find their place in the markets of the economy of Ukraine. Society is moving to […]

Main categories and classes of e-Commerce

In materials of the European Commission in ESPRIT (EB-rossglen for the development and acceleration of research, using information technologies) identified 11 models of e-Commerce. Thus, in particular for the sphere of B2C distinguish such business models as electronic (virtual) store (e-shop), electronic auction (e-auction), virtual communities (virtual communities), electronic shopping center (aggregator) (emall). In the […]