A guide to buy proxy- know the tips and types of proxy

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Several people buy proxies and there are actually few good reasons to do so. It leads to access restricted websites at work, different geographical locations, avoid targeted advertising, creation of multiple accounts at one site and more. No matter what the reason is the solution is same, buy proxy. However, you need to know how to buy the right proxy as there are many things to consider. Moreover, you should know which type suits well for your need. So, do you know the answer? If no, then get down to these tips and buy the right one for your business.

How to pick the best type of proxy?

You have several options when it comes to buy proxy. So, let us check out all those options.

  • Public proxy- the first and common option is public proxy. These are free proxies but they are not as good as other options as they can put you in trouble. Why they are bad? Bandwidth is first bad factor because many more users are using it so despite its free it will not work smoothly. Next is the sharing of IP address with others which may cause trouble. Why they are trouble?
  • Few users use free proxies to do some illegal works breaking all the rules which can put you in trouble. You may get banned which surely you don’t want toimg 589cc57276166.png.pagespeed.ce . RETaWBbXv - A guide to buy proxy- know the tips and types of proxy happen, right.
  • Semi-dedicated proxy- they are in between private and public proxies. However there will be sharing of IP address as well with other users. But, here the users are less from those in free proxy and the chances of abusive use of proxy is also less. They are faster and as more bandwidth as well.
  • Dedicated proxy- they are the private proxies where you use an exclusive IP address. So, you are not responsible for other’s action and don’t get in trouble. They are fastest as well as free and semi-dedicated proxy.
  • Rotating proxy- they are also private and you can use different IP address on rotation as it has multiple ports. You can change them any second or minute and can scrape a lot of data.

Which one to choose?

So, which option to pick is another question when you are ready to buy proxy? If you need it for basic web surfing then semi-dedicated are perfect. Use dedicated proxy in case you want to manage social media accounts. Rotating proxy is good for heavy scraping of data. However, you will need a scraping tool to rotate proxy as service provider will not do it for you.

Check the speed of proxy as slow connection can make you stuck at any time. Moreover, few providers use a limit cap on speed to make it available for every user. So, must read the fine print before you buy them.

Also, think about the region from which you are buying as it can change your experience. Don’t buy from the countries that are on risk due to frauds, scams and illegal users. Always choose from a trusted location.

Must check the company support when buying proxy along with the compatibility of various tools.

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