Internet – representative offices of business structures

Internet - representative offices of business structures

There is a significant amount of Internet-resources that allow you to post any information about the company on a specific topic. Depending on the volume and forms of representation of a particular company on the Internet distinguish business cards of firms, corporate websites and representative offices on business portals.

Electronic business card – a few WWW-pages containing information about the company and its activities aimed at familiarizing potential customers with the products and services of the company. A business card can contain a different amount of information – from a small message to a significant amount of data on the results of economic activity of the company (production volumes, turnover, organizational structure, etc.). The main objective of the business card is to disseminate information about the company, the formation of its image, the promotion of the brand and the like.

A corporate site is understood as a multi-level combination of various resources and services with a map, divided into thematic subsections with mandatory quantitative and qualitative data, analyses, charts and the like. Corporate sites bring business as close as possible to customers and partners, allow to establish relations within the working and information groups of the company, reduce the cost of information support for customers and partners, facilitate the attraction of new customers and partners.

Information on such sites is placed on hierarchical grounds related to a specific topic (for example, “About the company”, “Our partners”, “Information for shareholders”, “Products and services”, “Reports”, “news”, etc.). Own corporate website in order to attract interested users, it is advisable to advertise in various media, on teleconferences, business portals like this. Business portal is a powerful Web-site with the functions of a complex system, which provides a full range of services for doing business in the network to many customers (both corporate and individual entrepreneurs).

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Business portals perform not only the functions of electronic trading platforms, but also provide companies with opportunities for doing business on the network, which include:

  • •  we rent our own electronic office (special program of interaction), designed to support the electronic catalog and price lists of the company, management of trade operations, provision of information about the company, information support of customers;
  • •  hire our own corporate office to optimize the control and management of trade and procurement activities of individual units;
  • •  to open the company and support of their own e-mail addresses and lists of rossiki to improve information support for the clients;
  • •  purchase and sale of products on industry and regional trading platforms of the business portal;
  • •  use of B2B and B2C E-Commerce organization software;
  • •  complete information support of the company, providing it with industry news, analytical information;
  • •  provision of a whole range of advertising, marketing, legal, personnel, transport services.

The following services can be used to support all processes within business portals:

  • •  electronic offices of enterprises;
  • •  mail servers;
  • •  a list of rossiki;
  • •  electronic trading platforms;
  • •  Internet auctions;
  • •  automation systems for barter operations;
  • •  e-business center (brings together companies and private entrepreneurs for information exchange, publishing their own press releases, classified by industry and activity, accumulation and classification of business plans, ideas, developments that require investment, provision of services of recruitment Agency);

Business portals depending on the policy of their providers, financial and technical capabilities can provide other information services.