Internet – representative offices of business structures

Internet - representative offices of business structures

A guide to buy proxy- know the tips and types of proxy
Several people buy proxies and there are actually few good reasons to do so. It leads to access restricted websites at work, different geographical locations, avoid targeted advertising, creation of multiple accounts at one site and more. No matter what the reason is the solution is same, buy proxy. However, you need to know how to buy the right proxy as there are many things to consider. Moreover, you should know which type suits well for your need. So, do you know the answer? If no, then get...
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Features of Internet credit systems
Credit Internet-systems are electronic analogues of conventional systems that work with credit cards. However, since all transactions are carried out via the Internet, it requires additional security and authentication. Such means are credit cards and ATMs. Credit card-a Bank payment card, which indicates that its owner has a Bank loan. ATM - electronic-mechanical device that allows the owner of a Bank payment card when entering a personal identification number (RIN-code) to receive cash....
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E-Commerce systems
E-Commerce is divided into several generally recognized categories ( b2b, b2c, c2c, c2b ), each of which in some case has some advantages. E-Commerce systems open up completely new opportunities for the development and strengthening of existing business, as well as provide rich tools for creating new business in the Internet environment. There are both ready-made universal e-Commerce systems and certain individual solutions, on the basis of which systems are created that meet the needs of...
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Features of e-Commerce systems development
The rapid development of information technology in our time contributed to the emergence of the international information space-the Internet. With the development of Internet technologies, respectively, new markets appear and develop, make up the relevant segment of the world economy find their place in the markets of the economy of Ukraine. Society is moving to a qualitatively new stage of development, where information plays a primary role. Obviously, in the near future, through the uneven...
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3 reasons not to play poker
We are tired of the stupid arguments against the game of poker and have compiled a list of reasons that really should be considered by every Amateur who dreams of a professional career player. 1. You can lose everything According to modern scientific research, about 1% (and not less than 0.7%) of people are potentially incurable ludomans – gamblers who are unable to stop. These people pull the lever of slot machines until their pockets run out of money and sell apartments to buy lottery...
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Main categories and classes of e-Commerce
In materials of the European Commission in ESPRIT (EB-rossglen for the development and acceleration of research, using information technologies) identified 11 models of e-Commerce. Thus, in particular for the sphere of B2C distinguish such business models as electronic (virtual) store (e-shop), electronic auction (e-auction), virtual communities (virtual communities), electronic shopping center (aggregator) (emall). In the field of B2B there are electronic suppliers (e-procedures), trading...
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Internet debit systems and their specific means of payment
There are two main types of debit payment systems: electronic checks and electronic money. Electronic check is an order of the payer (buyer) to his / her Bank to transfer funds from his / her account to the account of the payee. Electronic checks are analogous to paper checks, but they are issued in electronic form. On a regular check the payer puts his signature on the electronic signature is a code (a sequence of one or more specific characters), which is analogous to the traditional. ...
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Protection in Internet payment systems
Protection of commercial information is carried out with the help of systems based on plastic cards (most) and on the basis of digital money. The most massive protection mechanism that is used in the WWW-system (including payments) is the Protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). It uses the principle of encrypting public key information. Under lock and key understand the chain of numbers, with which is combined information through the use of cryptographic (encryption) algorithm to obtain the...
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Data life cycle. Data collection and systematization
Data represent the method of representation, storage and elementary operations of information processing. Data is the basis of information. The term "data" is a relatively new term. Typically, data is input to the information process. Data-information needed to draw conclusions and make decisions Data as substance or energy, it is possible to collect, process, store, change the form of their presentation. They can be created, destroyed, reused. The main feature of the data today is that they...
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Essence and content of e-Commerc
The world's largest Association of local networks to ensure the rapid exchange of information is a global computer network Internet. It was the speed of work that led to the beginning of its use in business processes and the emergence of a new direction in the development of information technologies - electronic business. E-business - any business activity using global information networks to change the internal and external relations of the company in order to make a profit E-Commerce -...
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Technological, production and information processes
To determine the differences of the information process from other processes, we give the following definitions. Technological process is a sequential change of States, stages of development, a set of actions. The production process is a set of interrelated operations and transformations of resources aimed at the manufacture of certain products o automatic processes - all actions are performed without any deviations, in automatic mode; o chaotic processes - cause-effect relationships are...
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Definition of technology
Dictionary of foreign words defines technology as a set of methods of processing materials, manufacturing products and processes that accompany these types of work. Since the result of technology is not only products but also services, the concept of technology is defined as: Technology - a complex of scientific and engineering knowledge embodied in the methods and means of labor, sets of material factors of production, the types of their combination to create a specific product or service ...
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The concept of electronic payment systems and their requirements
Payment system on the Internet (e-payment system) is a system of settlements and payments between commercial entities, financial institutions and network users in the process of buying and selling goods and services via the Internet. It is the presence of the payment system that allows you to create full-featured virtual trading enterprises, in which the entire technological process of buying and selling a product or service is carried out. Payments on the Internet should be subject to a...
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The life cycle of object technology
The life cycle (LC) captures the most significant, characteristic of a particular state of the object, determines their main characteristics and value in these States, and identifies the processes between the two successive States. The purpose of the introduction of this concept is to combine different technologies related to the process of existence of the object in a single purpose technology, in which certain laws of transformation of role functions, components of local technologies. Such...
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There is a significant amount of Internet-resources that allow you to post any information about the company on a specific topic. Depending on the volume and forms of representation of a particular company on the Internet distinguish business cards of firms, corporate websites and representative offices on business portals.

Electronic business card – a few WWW-pages containing information about the company and its activities aimed at familiarizing potential customers with the products and services of the company. A business card can contain a different amount of information – from a small message to a significant amount of data on the results of economic activity of the company (production volumes, turnover, organizational structure, etc.). The main objective of the business card is to disseminate information about the company, the formation of its image, the promotion of the brand and the like.

A corporate site is understood as a multi-level combination of various resources and services with a map, divided into thematic subsections with mandatory quantitative and qualitative data, analyses, charts and the like. Corporate sites bring business as close as possible to customers and partners, allow to establish relations within the working and information groups of the company, reduce the cost of information support for customers and partners, facilitate the attraction of new customers and partners.

Information on such sites is placed on hierarchical grounds related to a specific topic (for example, “About the company”, “Our partners”, “Information for shareholders”, “Products and services”, “Reports”, “news”, etc.). Own corporate website in order to attract interested users, it is advisable to advertise in various media, on teleconferences, business portals like this. Business portal is a powerful Web-site with the functions of a complex system, which provides a full range of services for doing business in the network to many customers (both corporate and individual entrepreneurs).

Internet - representative offices of business structures - 2

Business portals perform not only the functions of electronic trading platforms, but also provide companies with opportunities for doing business on the network, which include:

  • •  we rent our own electronic office (special program of interaction), designed to support the electronic catalog and price lists of the company, management of trade operations, provision of information about the company, information support of customers;
  • •  hire our own corporate office to optimize the control and management of trade and procurement activities of individual units;
  • •  to open the company and support of their own e-mail addresses and lists of rossiki to improve information support for the clients;
  • •  purchase and sale of products on industry and regional trading platforms of the business portal;
  • •  use of B2B and B2C E-Commerce organization software;
  • •  complete information support of the company, providing it with industry news, analytical information;
  • •  provision of a whole range of advertising, marketing, legal, personnel, transport services.

The following services can be used to support all processes within business portals:

  • •  electronic offices of enterprises;
  • •  mail servers;
  • •  a list of rossiki;
  • •  electronic trading platforms;
  • •  Internet auctions;
  • •  automation systems for barter operations;
  • •  e-business center (brings together companies and private entrepreneurs for information exchange, publishing their own press releases, classified by industry and activity, accumulation and classification of business plans, ideas, developments that require investment, provision of services of recruitment Agency);

Business portals depending on the policy of their providers, financial and technical capabilities can provide other information services.